School of T&I: Community Interpreting

The School of T&I at UEES has participated in many different events in the past years to help the underprivileged. For two consecutive years, student interpreters have gone to assist doctors from Hands For Humanity, an American charitable foundation that has continuously helped Ecuadorians.

Hands for Humanity will be in Portoviejo, Ecuador in March to provide surgeries for children from a low socio-economic background. The doctors have provided many children the opportunity to lead a better life by carrying out orthopedic and heart surgeries.

You can lend a helping hand by either volunteering or donating to the foundation, for more information visit Hands For Humanity.

Here are pictures from the Portoviejo trip in 2011.

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The School of Translation and Interpretation looks forward to being a part of this medical mission once again.


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