Traduttore, Traditore?

Translator = Traitor

Many believe that once a text undergoes translation, especially when it comes to literay texts, the essence of the original author and his/her intentions are lost. Have you ever thought about how you would have interpreted a certain scene from a book if you have read it in the original language? Remember that Leo Tolstoy’s books were originally written in Russian. The much acclaimed 100 Years of Solitude was originally written in Spanish. As an english reader, do you believe that there are certain puns, references or anything that you are at a loss at against someone that can read the work exactly how it was written by the author?

What do you have to say about Harry Potter’s books being translated from english to english? There’s the American version and European one, just as there is the Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese version.

So, does the translator betray the original author?

This famous Argentinian writer sure thought so:

The original is unfaithful to the translation.” – Jorge Luis Borges 1899-1986

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