Saudade Much?

The closest meaning in English for Saudade is nostalgia, nonetheless, it doesn’t express what Saudade means to Portuguese speakers. Saudade refers to a feeling of longing that can’t be suppressed. A Portuguese speaker would say “Que Saudade” when he remembers something (or someone) that he misses. But, it’s a lot more than just missing, surely more like missing, needing, wanting all in one.

It could be anything from a particular place or someone that is no longer alive. There are a number of references to Saudade to describe the feeling that overcomes someone when he or she misses their land of origin. For anyone that has ever felt home sick, or that misses their favorite plate from home in a way you can’t describe with words, you’ve experienced saudade.

The first time I heard the word was when I listened to this Portuguese and Spanish song with the same title:

Saudade- Otto and Julieta Venegas

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