Ecuadorian Food 101 (Part I)

If you were to ask me what the best thing about my country is, I wouldn’t stutter at saying it’s the food. Whether it’s typical food from the coast or the sierra, the taste is equally delicious.

And now that I only have a month left here, I’ve set out to eat my favorite plates before I go. Wherever I may be, I know that I’ll get a craving for the citrus juice of a well made ceviche or the peanut salsa on some llapingachos. All of the following pictures were taken by me recently, whether at a restaurant or at my house. If you ever come to Ecuador, don’t even dare leaving without trying these:

  • Encebollado

A fish stew with yuca, tomatoes and onions (cebolla). I can personally put onions on anything, but if you’d rather have it without onions, that’s an option, too. Although you’re kind of going against the etymology/purpose of the plate. You can have it with different type of fish and shrimp. It’s so good!

  • Ceviche

Mix shrimp, fish, octopus or any other sea food you want in lemon and tomato juice and this is what you get. According to Ecuadorians, this is also the best type of hangover food. Just one plate after a night of drinking and you’ll be as good as new.

  • Cangrejos

Favorite food ever.

When we make cangrejos at home we put them in this huge pot with my mom’s secret recipe and eat them with the whole family when they’re cooked just right. I think the pictures say it all.


  • Llapingacho

Potato patties with  fried eggs, sausage, avocados and salsa made from peanuts. Yuuuum!

  • Fanesca

Fanesca is always made during Holy Week, so I only get to enjoy this plate once a year. Since you can’t eat meat, everyone makes fanesca, which is a fish stew usually made from salt cod. Add many types of grains (habas, chocho, corn, peas, etc.) and you get a tasty (and fattening) stew.


  1. AMO todos los platos que mencionas aqui! Y eso que faltan muchos mas! 😀
    Cuando te vayas a comer un arroz con guatita o una fritada, me invitas! hahaha 😀
    Oh man… #foreverfatass
    Pero como decia mi abuelito, “barriga llena, corazon contento” 🙂
    Ecuadorian food is hands down THE BEST food EVERRRRRR!

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