Ooklay In The Agbay

Remember when you were in high school and didn’t want your parents to know what you were talking about with your friends?

The “secret” language used was Pig Latin. It’s very simple, you move the first letter of each word to the end followed by ay. The words that have become common English slang are ixnay and amscray. I’m sure you’ve heard them at one point in time!

But where did Pig Latin come from? And why is it called pig latin?

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary the “ultimate origin is unknown”. Womp, womp, womp.

Nonetheless, what is known is that Edgar Allen Poe used the phrase “Pig Greek” dating back to 1844.  The Three Stooges made it extremely popular (Oe-may and Arry-lay) and the first time I heard it was in the 2001 movie Monsters Inc, when Sulley says “Ooklay in the agbay”.

Here is a Pig Latin Generator to check out!


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