Project Glass: Should Interpreters Be Afraid?


Over the years, many have questioned whether machines will ever beat out ordinary humans in certain categories. We have applications, smart phones and iPads that allow humans to do things quicker and easier. But can a machine ever leave interpreters or translators out of their jobs? There are different types of translation software available, some that are even known for their “high accuracy”.

Recently, Project Glass has been receiving a lot of attention in the technology and translation department. These glasses have diverse functions, and one of them consists of providing the translation of a spoken language. In the above video you can see how the glasses work. Even with the “remarkable” example, I think that it is safe to say that interpreters don’t need to worry. Something that a machine cannot do is use critical thinking to decide the context of a word or a term. How would the Project Glass translate the following?:

I had to console my brother after mom sold his console.

What do you think about the translation application featured in Project Glass?

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