Mistranslations & Assumptions

My friends and family members roll their eyes when I correct their grammar or point out a mistranslation. Instead of faking awe, they usually make fun of me for being so picky. On a summer day, a family member stumbled upon this sign at a laundry mat in Connecticut. This time, they could not just laugh at the “mistranslation”. With much fervor, they told me about what happened when they spoke to the supervisor about changing one of the most hideous (translation wise) signs they had ever seen. Like most people do, he simply shrugged them off, but he made a big mistake in the process. “Oh, it doesn’t matter. That isn’t Spanish, it’s some sort of language from a country called Ecuador”. That was definitely the wrong thing to say to Ecuadorians.

First of all, this is definitely not a language from Ecuador and it is a very poor try at Spanish.

Second, If you do see any mistranslations at public places, like the ones in this Huffington Post article, say something, but don’t assume it’s “some sort of language from a country like ___________.”

Don’t just make fun of them, do something!

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