Why I’m Excited About the Super Bowl

I’m excited about the Super Bowl but the reason has nothing to do with sports. On Sunday, Ecuador will be promoted in a Super Bowl ad. The Ecuadorian government shelled out more than $3 million, and it will be the first time another country has had a Super Bowl commercial in order to generate tourism. The campaign started early last year with new sculptures constructed in the main cities of Ecuador, buses around the world adorned with the slogan “All You Need Is Ecuador,” and the same hashtag sprang up on all social media platforms from Ecuadorian and foreign tourists alike.

The truth is all you do need is Ecuador. Now, I’m completely biased when it comes to this. My mom was born in the United States and my dad was born in Ecuador. I partially grew up in the U.S. and Ecuador, so it was amazing to see both national soccer teams play last year in my home state of Connecticut. It was even better that the game ended in a tie. It would have been bittersweet if one had beat the other. Tomorrow, millions will get to see a little bit of Ecuador during an important American tradition, and I am truly excited. It’ll be thirty seconds of something like this:

It’s not that you should choose this country over another one to visit, because I’m all for backpacking throughout Latin America, but there are some things you should know. Just like the above ad shows, Ecuador has the Galapagos Islands, Pacific Coast, Andes and Amazon. This is all in a country that is roughly the same size as Nevada. Bordering nations and other close countries don’t have the same luck as this tiny one. Bolivia is landlocked, Colombia might be wishing the Galapagos Island belonged to them, and traveling from the Amazon to the coast in Brazil takes a lot longer than it would ever take in Ecuador. I remember a road trip from Tena, (a city in the Amazon) to Guayaquil (a coastal city) that took only 12 hours. That means that you can drive from the most Eastern mainland location all the way to the West in about a day.

Nonetheless, make sure you take your time when you go because there is a lot to see!

Puerto Lopez, Ecuador
Puerto Lopez, Ecuador
Salinas, Ecuador


Along the Pacific Coast


Somewhere in Ecuador


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