Down Memory Lane in Washington D.C.

Like Murphy’s Law would have it, it’s whenever you decide to go to an island that a hurricane swings through it. And just like that, I arrived in Washington D.C. on a weekend when it was warmer in Alaska than in half of the continental US. But two pairs of pants, snow boots and layers upon layers allowed me to enjoy this trip.

 Capitol Hill



The National Mall is approximately 1.2 miles, starting at Capitol Hill and leading up to the Washington Monument. When you stand where others with greatness have stood, it makes you believe that you are also, somehow, capable of greatness. Capitol Hill is currently under renovation. So if you are planning on going in the next two years, you won’t be able to see it in all its splendor from the outside or in. The dome is even partly covered!




The Obelisk

Decades from now, when the world is different and buildings around Washington D.C. may have changed, The Obelisk will still be there reflecting off the Potomac River and providing Instagram worthy photos. From afar, the Obelisk looks as if it were all one color, but as you get closer it has a lighter color in the bottom than the top. This is simply because construction stopped midway and when they began again,  the same color marble couldn’t be found.




Lincoln has been depicted as a vampire slayer, portrayed by Daniel Day Lewis, and is probably the most recognizable American president. But throughout all the history classes I have taken, somehow it got lost that Lincoln was shot in Ford’s Theatre in Washington D.C. Today, you can go to this theatre and watch a two-man play about the moments following up to and after the president’s death. After you’re done, right across from the theatre you can step into the house where he died on April 15, 1865 at around 7:20 a.m. Since the streets weren’t paved, the doctors that attended him said he wouldn’t have survived the trip back to the White House. You can actually stand in the tiny room where Lincoln lost his life.








The MLK Memorial was created by Lei Yixin and the fact that it looks incomplete is perfect. It might represent many things to different people, but I like the idea that it is not complete because his dream hasn’t been achieved yet. The marble walls surrounding this sculpture have 14 of his most famous quotes. I went back there a couple of times throughout the weekend and even caught an amazing sunset as the backdrop to MLK. Some sunsets you just have to live through and not take pictures of…


Oh yes, and the White House was great but due to incidents with the jumpers and drones flying around area there was actually a fence surrounding the fence. A secret service agent could be seen pacing between both fences.Therefore, all the pictures that you can take of it look somewhat dull.  It was a lot smaller than I had imagined but just as beautiful as it looks on my weekly dose of Scandal.


Next time I go to Washington D.C. I’ll make sure it’s at least Spring time and that the Capitol is not under renovation!

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