Our Brooklyn Bridge Wedding Photo Shoot

The first time I visited this park was on January 1, 2015 with my boyfriend at that time. He is now my husband and we decided that Brooklyn Bridge Park be the ideal place for our wedding photo shoot. The first time we were there, it was so cold that our phones would turn off when we tried to take pictures. That morning we woke up, and we wanted to start off the year by doing something we had never done or seen before. I put on two pairs of pants, many layers of shirts, grabbed our cameras and left for the one-hour drive.

It doesn’t matter what day or how cold it is New York, but there are always tourists. There weren’t any hoards of people like you see in the summer time, but certain people shivering with their selfie sticks and a few proud professional photographers waiting for the sun to set.

Looking back on that day, it is just another example of why we decided to spend the rest of our lives together. Both he and I enjoy getting to know new places and taking road trips. And we always make the best of our time, whether it is scorching hot or dangerously cold.


January 1, 2015



Subsequent trips to the Brooklyn Bridge:




Since some family members came from other parts of the world, weeks and days leading up to the wedding, we didn’t have time for a full-blown photo-shoot before or on the day we got married. On the day we took our engagement shots, we agreed that we would do the shoot after getting married, when the hustle and bustle had died down. And that’s what we did. Of course, we ended up deciding on going on a wildly surprising hot September day. Ladies were walking around in their short shorts and all I wanted was to get into a pool with ice, but I put on my huge slip, wedding dress and braved it.

Brooklyn Bridge Wedding Photo Shoot


Brooklyn bridge wedding photo

Brooklyn bridge wedding photo

Brooklyn bridge wedding


brooklyn bridge wedding

Brooklyn bridge wedding

Brooklyn bridge wedding

brooklyn bridge wedding

My lovely mother accompanied us to the park, and helped throughout the whole ordeal. It was her first time in the area, and I don’t think she’ll ever forget this day. She helped out with the tripod, holding my dress, calming Danny and I down in the middle of the summer heat, etc. What made this shoot extremely special is that my poor husband acted as photographer and groom. Just like our wedding the photo shoot was small, intimate, and mainly done by us.

I’m ecstatic about starting this new journey in my life, and hope to take pictures and travel with my husband until we’re jaded with the beauty of the world.

As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination.


  1. I really enjoyed your blog and the wedding pictures are really beautiful, keep writing all your adventures, I can’t wait for your next voyage

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