Borderless Stories Podcast Interview

Happy to announce I was interviewed for the Borderless Stories Podcast by KC McCormick Çiftçi.

I love reading and listening to people share their stories about immigration, travel and, of course, love. When KC, who is from the United States, fell in love and got married to Hüseyin, who hails from Turkey, she decided to google “intercultural pre-marital coaching” and came up with NADA.

The lack of information on the internet and the unknown visa process eventually resulted in Borderless Stories, a podcast in which she interviews “intercultural love navigators.”


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How do I play into this?

Back in 2012 I met the love of my life, who happened to be undocumented, and since then we’ve had to experience what all ordinary couples do… with a few more challenges because there were days we woke up wondering if his work permit through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival’s would be rescinded… if he could get deported… if he could “fix” his paperwork.

My husband and I got married in 2016, and he was able to apply to become a permanent resident because, simply put, he married me. We are still in the application process and he’s on the path towards citizenship, but it takes years, a lot of money, determination and, yes, luck.

In the interview with KC, I discuss how we met, what we had to overcome when we were dating, our crazy marriage interview with a federal officer, and tips on how you can navigate being in a mixed-status relationship.


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