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Bullheaded Non-Fungible Token: Things You Should Know

The business of non-fungible currency (NFTs) is expanding rapidly. Every day, many new projects, even though they are typically of poor quality, are added to the market. Bullheaded NFTs was created out of a desire to develop something that can be considered as one of the top in the industry including Azuki and the Bored Ape Yacht Club. We are proud of our accomplishment. Read on to find out how to be in the club ahead of everyone else.

What are Bullheaded Non-Footiles?

Bullheaded NFTs, 7,777 fully customized items, are designed to show bully breed dogs in diverse styles, backgroundsand other characteristics. All of the collection is registered with Ethereum. Each token is based on the ERC-721 standards, which ensures ownership security and security of transactions for all future owners. Our collection will follow in the footsteps of world-renowned projects. They demonstrated that NFTs are able to provide extremely solid intellectual property rights, exclusive advantages on and off the internet, and plans to make people enthused, and to create a fan base.

Bullheaded NFTs can accomplish all of that and more. This collection will comprise a variety of high-quality art that’s not just diverse but also offers numerous advantages and perks to holders that will increase value of the BullHeads’ inherent demand and value.

What makes Bullheaded NFTs special?

Let’s take a closer look at the things that distinguish BullHeads from other brands. We must not overlook the exceptional quality and variety of their artwork. They are randomly generated from more than 160 characteristics and specifications every BullHead has its individual character, with a a vivid combination of facial expressions, futuristic clothing, eyewear or weaponry, and other. BullHeads are anticipated to be extremely sought-after and their prices will rise substantially when they are publicly traded.

Let’s look at the distinct features and benefits that owning a BullHead provides. Our aim was not to only develop intellectual property that is high-value with no value and to make the all the benefits of the digital ownership of NFTs, and provide BullHeads with many benefits to be able to claim. They have the ability to join a global club of holders, blockchain-related benefits as well as private events. Many more are coming from different areas, such as DeFi and BullHead DAO (P2E gaming), airdrops, and other areas.

What is the Bullheaded NFT roadmap?

We are proud that we have a path that promises incredible times. From donating to charity to launching a store for merchandise and rewarding our community with numerous airdrops, what’s to come for Bullheaded NFTs is set to be an epic adventure that you won’t want to leave out.

How do you obtain your Bullheaded NFT

Join our social media accounts to get the BullHeads coin pre-minted for 0.13 ETC plus gas. Or, grab your bull at the public mint for 0.15 ETC plus gas. Let’s start together.

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