How Do You Become a Traveling Translator?

Queensboro Bridge

How do you become a traveling translator? There is not one set way, of course, and the following four translators will share how they travel around the world as translators, where they will be traveling to next, and how they BECAME a traveling translator in the first place.

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Why I Will Continue to Geotag Photos

In the years following Christopher McCandless fatal trek to Alaska, there have been books, movies, documentaries and yes, Instagram posts, about his journey. Once Jon Krakauer published “Into the Wild”, the best-selling book describing this young man’s trek, outdoor enthusiasts began to take trips to the bus where McCandless’ body was found. Some have gone to check out the writings he etched on the walls of the bus, to see if Alaska is just how Jon Krakauer evokes in his book, and others have gone for mere curiosity. But all who subsequently ventured out were able to because they learned about it from a specific source. In the years after the book was published in 1996, there was such an increase in hikers near the Denali area that some proposed taking the bus out completely to diminish the location’s attraction. Indeed, there have been far too many hikers that have been injured or died because they were inspired by McCandless’ story. But I’ve never heard of anyone requesting Krakauer’s book to be banned for increasing traffic to the area and causing additional deaths.

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Free Events & Places to Visit in Connecticut

Free in Connecticut almost seems like an oxymoron. But for someone that’s been living here almost most of my life, I’ve had to find events and locations that can cater to my budget. Here are a few of them and of course, feel free to comment with any free Connecticut events I should add!

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Hiking to Kaaterskill Falls

kaaterskill falls

Kaaterskill Falls near Hunter, NY, located on the ancestral land of the Lenape, is the tallest waterfall in the state of New York at 260 feet. Yes, even taller than the world-famous Niagara Falls.

There are two paths to get to the waterfall. 1st option: Drive all the way to the Kaaterskill Falls Viewing Platform parking lot and make your way from the top of the falls to the bottom of the falls. 2nd option: Drive to the parking lot off of 23A and make your way up from the lower trailhead starting at the base of Bastion Falls. It doesn’t take more than 20 minutes each way to get a view of the waterfall. My favorite way is to hike up from the lower trailhead to get the view of BOTH tiers in all their splendor. And this is precisely what we did for the first Latinas Who Hike meetup I organized with Joy from Part Time Exploradora and Susie from Latinx Project. See more photos from the event below!

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Hiking in Sleeping Giant State Park

Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden, CT has more than 25 miles of trails to explore. You can pick whether you want to go for an easy stroll or a strenuous hike. For people that want to take it easy, there is a gravel trail that leads you up to the tower on Mt. Carmel. And for strenuous, there is a trail that leads you to some rock scrambling.

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