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How Do Driver App Features Benefit Taxi Drivers?

You must have a mobile-friendly solution to your business in order to remain competitive in the market. In the last couple of years, technology has changed drastically. There are several technological advancements at every turn. This includes taxis. With the rise of competition from cheaper transportation providers such as Uber-like services or car rental companies who can offer similar services at lower costs while still offering superior customer service as most traditional taxi businesses do being able to adjust quickly enough will set your company apart from others out there who are looking to launch their own version, too.

There are a variety of taxi apps in the marketplace. However, one type is for established companies that are in dire need. This app lets users to reserve rides and increase the number of customers they serve. It also assists drivers find potential fares quicker than ever.

Two different apps were developed by the developers in order to address the needs of passengers and drivers. The apps are more customized for both sides involved. It gives you the opportunity to access the features you require without any distractions or interference.

These are the essential attributes for apps for drivers.

In a world where taxis continue to be challenged by increasing competition, one important factor to maintain customer loyalty is ensuring that drivers have access to and full control of their apps. Driver-friendly features can help new and returning customers to be more productive on the job without having to worry, which in turn will lead to better service delivery.

Vehicle Tracking System

Mobile apps are preferred by drivers as they are effective and efficient for their work. GPS tracking systems track the passenger’s location, but once they share permission it’s much easier for drivers to locate them at any given moment because they know exactly where his/her loved ones are.

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Drivers will now be able to make use of their phones to let them know they are available for new requests, and also get information. This means they’ll be alerted immediately when there’s a request and will have the option of locating a replacement fare with all necessary information like the address.

Driver Dashboard

The new feature will allow drivers to evaluate their performance with other participants and gain useful information on their journeys. They can also read customer feedback from their previous rides to determine any negative or positive comments which were posted by passengers before deciding if this is something worth improving upon to improve their performance in the future.

Sending SMS and email alerts

The taxis will receive important messages from passengers via text messages or email alerts. They are also able to reply to these inquiries with an acceptor decline option by using a user-friendly interface which is advantageous for both the parties of the transaction.

Begin/End the Ride

The easiest method to find your destination is using maps. The map will indicate where pickup and drop-off points are located making it more accessible to all participants.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

The user will be informed in a matter of seconds whether the driver accepts or denies their request for transportation. If the driver doesn’t respond within 15-30 second of receiving the notification via the app, it is a sign that there aren’t any other cars are available within the vicinity.

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