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How to design a fitout that increases employee productivity

While the design and construction industry undergoes significant changes, this is a question that is becoming more frequent. In a world that is constantly evolving, architects, space planners and designers are being asked to come up with facilities that can meet the requirements of a variety of tenants.

That means when it comes time to design office layouts, one size does not always work for all. This blog article will examine some of the latest designs for office fittings around the world and what they may mean for architects and designers.

If you’re seeking an inspirational change to your workplace have a look at the gallery of photos below. These are some examples of offices which have been transformed to make innovative workplaces for organizations who make them an integral part of their business strategies.

Be aware that these designs were developed by a variety of people from different disciplines within each team which includes the end-user. You don’t need to be a designer to think outside the square and come up with amazing ideas. Get involved with your customers to ask them about what they want and need from their office, and work together to come up with something amazing!

Some of the latest trends in office fit-outs are:

1. Flexible workspaces

The data shows that employees spend more time out of their offices than they have ever as many prefer to work from their homes or at a local café. This has resulted in an evolution from traditional workplaces to more flexible workspaces that allow employees to pick what desks they would like to have setup. This could be at home, at the office or in the common space.

2. Work-based activities

Another trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the activity-based workplace that encourages employees to move around and be in different parts of the workplace based on their activities. This enhances collaboration, communication efficiency, creativity, and productivity.

3. Natural light and ventilation

There has been a rise in people’s awareness of the importance of natural light and fresh air in recent times. This has led to the rise of open workplaces with big windows, as well as plenty of ventilation.

4. Spaces that are tech-friendly

As technology becomes increasingly integral to our lives, it comes as no surprise that companies are offering employees various workspaces to fit their needs. This includes open-plan, flexible offices or quiet conference rooms. collaboration spaces that include everything from power connectors for electronic devices to Wi-Fi that is free.

5. A variety of communal areas

Apart from places where employees can concentrate on their job, many companies are now including a variety of communal areas inside their office spaces. You can have an eating area, kitchen space, lounge or even a gaming room. These could create a relaxing and social environment at work and improve communication and teamwork.

6. Concentrate on improving productivity

Global companies are investing in office improvements to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. This could include lighting, ergonomic furniture, or even healthy food. A majority of businesses have fitness facilities in their offices. It includes an exercise bike to ensure that employees can stay active throughout the day.

7. Green office design

A lot of companies are choosing to build offices that minimize the environmental impact of their business operations. This is the trend of green office design. This includes energy-saving appliances as well as sustainable construction materials and fixtures that conserve water. Other examples include natural air ventilation in the form of passive solar heating, eco-friendly furniture.

8. Coworking spaces that are cozy

As well as creating inspiring workplaces, businesses are also transforming their office spaces with diverse design options that enable employees to collaborate more effectively. This could be a communal area where employees have the chance to gather or even comfortable furniture that provides the creation of a more peaceful atmosphere.

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