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Must-Have Features For Driver App

The taxi industry is becoming extremely competitive and customer loyalty across the nation is almost gone. Uber-like services have been a hit among customers for some time and are predicted to continue to expand in popularity. A traditional yellow cab is not a necessity, but you should look into developing your mobile app if possible because it can help make things simpler for you when trying new concepts or expanding into other cities where options for transportation may be very different than what’s currently available.

There are many different types of taxi apps that are available currently available. One application was designed to assist established taxi businesses grow their customer base. It can also make it easier for drivers to use the app. It helps users to locate reliable taxi drivers near them so they can book their reservations fast and easily.

Drivers and passengers both have distinct needs, which led to the development of two apps. The two apps have better and more specialized features for each of the groups. One app is created to be your companion while traveling if you’re driving, and the other is designed for those who need extra assistance in emergencies, such as the road or emergency kit.

Essential Features for Driver Apps

With so many different taxi apps popping up and competing for customers, it is becoming increasingly difficult. The driver-friendly features of taxi apps that track businesses automatically can help drivers attract more drivers. This can mean higher profit for everyone that is.

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

Drivers are always looking for mobile apps that minimize effort and use best methods. These GPS tracking devices are able to track passengers’ locations once they give their consent. This allows them to make ride-sharing easier, such as connecting riders with their destinations, and also looking after their safety on the way.

Button to Check availability

Drivers can record their journeys. You can mark yourself online or offline after receiving a request. This lets them be alerted of any new assignments and pick-up times when they are found.

Driver Dashboard

The new dashboard will allow drivers to track their travel and performance statistics. The dashboard will also allow drivers to check how their car compares to other automobiles, based on comments of customers who previously evaluated them.

Alerts via SMS and Email

The driverless taxicab that is in the future will be able receive important notifications from passengers about any inquiries or requests for rides. The interface is so intuitive that even a novice to the technology can operate it swiftly and efficiently.

Begin/End the Ride

Maps can be a wonderful method of keeping track of your locations. You can use maps to remind you of the times you’ll need something or get them delivered. They also function as navigation tools during transport and are particularly helpful if there is no signal.

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