Three Days in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Crawford Notch View from Mount Willard

Day 1 – Mount Willard

After being in a car for five hours until we reached the White Mountains area of New Hampshire, all I wanted to do was to stretch my legs. And I decided to do it on a mountain over 2,000 ft. tall: Mt. Willard. It takes about an hour to hike 2,864 ft. and the summit has amazing views of Crawford Notch.

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A Day Trip to Roosevelt Island

If you love NYC but sometimes want some peace and quiet away from the sirens and panhandlers… go to Roosevelt Island! It costs $2.75 to take the tram from NYC to the island, and then you can ride a bike, take a stroll around the park & enjoy some phenomenal views. Check out details and photos below!

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Rustic Elegance: La Guarida in Havana, Cuba

Have you ever seen a restaurant appear in a movie and think: I have to go there one day? For my Mom it’s the restaurant Serendipity, where she has unsuccessfully tried to enter on two occasions. Each time there was a minimum wait of two hours. And there is so much to do in NYC in two hours rather than sit around and wait that we just left… (We’ll go there some day, Mom, I promise.) I, on the other hand, have wanted to visit a famous restaurant since I watched the movie Fresa y Chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate). The movie was filmed in a building that now holds the paladar La Guarida.

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How I Traveled to Cuba as a Gringa in 2017

The perks of having dual nationality is that one country’s passport may open up the doors for you to visit a place that the other may prohibit. I could have traveled to Cuba as an Ecuadorian plenty of times when I lived there for almost 8 years. But when I was younger, I was broke. Now that I am almost an adult, I got the opportunity to go as a gringa (U.S. citizen). And yes, it was a long planning process. It has been the trip that I’ve had to plan the most for. But it was fun, I don’t regret it, and I would go again tomorrow. In order to help you find out more about the entire planning aspect, I based it on the questions I had leading up to and during my visit to the island.

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The Top 10 Things to Do in Acadia National Park

Did you know that the United States has more than fifty national parks? Heck, I didn’t know either until I googled last week. Since I live in the United States, I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know this, even more embarrassed when I found out through that same google search that I had already visited my first national park some years ago: The Everglades in Florida. I had ignorantly thought that the trip I took to Maine a couple of weeks ago would be my first trip to a national park. At the end, I still feel like Acadia National Park was my first real dose of what our parks have to offer, and I now want to visit all of them before I die. You have to start somewhere, right? Two down, fifty-seven more to go! I hope you enjoy this post about the top 10 things you should do when you visit Acadia National Park in Maine.

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