Hiking to Sam’s Point in Minnewaska State Park

What type of hiker are you? At times, I feel like I want to challenge myself and hike hours until I get to my goal. Other times, and this post is about one of them, I just want to get there quickly, take in some views and relax. I wanted to get to Sam’s Point in Minnewaska State Park without killing myself. After a long summer with wedding planning, catching up with friends and getting prepared to move out, I needed something painless. Painless hiking and no pain the following day!

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Down Memory Lane in Washington D.C.

Like Murphy’s Law would have it, it’s whenever you decide to go to an island that a hurricane swings through it. And just like that, I arrived in Washington D.C. on a weekend when it was warmer in Alaska than in half of the continental US. But two pairs of pants, snow boots and layers upon layers allowed me to enjoy this trip.

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Why I’m Excited About the Super Bowl

I’m excited about the Super Bowl but the reason has nothing to do with sports. On Sunday, Ecuador will be promoted in a Super Bowl ad. The Ecuadorian government shelled out more than $3 million, and it will be the first time another country has had a Super Bowl commercial in order to generate tourism. The campaign started early last year with new sculptures constructed in the main cities of Ecuador, buses around the world adorned with the slogan “All You Need Is Ecuador,” and the same hashtag sprang up on all social media platforms from Ecuadorian and foreign tourists alike.

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