Not Quite “Write” Wednesday

Mistranslations, misspellings, grammatical errors, or just plain wrong! We’ve all seen them, we’ve all laughed at them, and some of us have even made them.

It’s amazing how many companies all over the world can’t seem to avoid making silly mistakes. This is what happens when you rely on anything but a real translator/interpreter. Just yesterday I was eating at a local mall, when I came upon the following Burger King ad. Spell check, anyone?

Oh, so very chessy!

Bilingualism and Biculturalism

Right now I am about to finish my Bachelor’s Degree!

To be able to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Ecuador you have to do a thesis. In my case, I chose a topic that hits close to home: bilingualism and biculturalism.
I’m researching how return migrants that are adolescents and young adults cope with self-identity issues after coming back from living years in the United States. Now this is where your help comes in. If any of you know an Ecuadorian living in his/her country between the ages of 15-25 and that has lived a couple of years in the United States, you can contact me through here or at

Thank you!

¡Estoy a punto de terminar mi Licenciatura!
En este país es necesario hacer una tesis para graduarte con una licenciatura. En mi caso, escogí un tema con el cual me identifico mucho: bilingualismo y biculturalismo.
Estoy investigando como adolescentes y jóvenes adultos que han retornado a su país de origen manejan sus problemas de identidad al haber vivido algunos años en Estados Unidos. Es precisamente por eso que necesito su ayuda. Si conocen a ecuatorianos que solían vivir en Estados Unidos y ahora tienen entre 15 y 25 años de edad, me pueden contactar por este medio o a
¡Muchas gracias!

Saudade Much?

The closest meaning in English for Saudade is nostalgia, nonetheless, it doesn’t express what Saudade means to Portuguese speakers. Saudade refers to a feeling of longing that can’t be suppressed. A Portuguese speaker would say “Que Saudade” when he remembers something (or someone) that he misses. But, it’s a lot more than just missing, surely more like missing, needing, wanting all in one.

It could be anything from a particular place or someone that is no longer alive. There are a number of references to Saudade to describe the feeling that overcomes someone when he or she misses their land of origin. For anyone that has ever felt home sick, or that misses their favorite plate from home in a way you can’t describe with words, you’ve experienced saudade.

The first time I heard the word was when I listened to this Portuguese and Spanish song with the same title:

Saudade- Otto and Julieta Venegas

Listen To An Interpreter Help Deliver a Baby

Did you know that as an interpreter not only can you help people communicate, but also help deliver babies?

In this case an interpreter helps a Spanish speaking family deliver a baby over the phone.

Listen to the recording here!

What would have ocurred if an interpreter wasn’t available, I wonder…