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Saudi Visa Types: Business, Visit & Work Visa

It can be difficult for those wanting to travel to Saudi Arabia due to all the recent changes to visas. This article will provide all the information about the visa needed to enter Saudi Arabia and how to get it approved through a port-of-entry.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Visas for commercial and business purposes

The commercial/business visa is by far the most popular and simplest type of visitor visa for Saudi Arabia. This permits individuals, on behalf of their company or organization provided they have an invitation from someone in the country already, to conduct business in the market. The application process can be done entirely online anytime prior to your departure date as that you meet specific requirements, such as having sufficient money in the bank with one specific firm which will provide funds upon request once in the Kingdom of God.

If a customer wants to bring their family and friends along for an event they need to first check through the doors and then sit patiently as the office conducts its business. It may take between one and three months depending on how long it takes. After approval from Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices throughout the city, all schedules get settled, so when invitations go out there’ll be no delay or surprises on your end, only pure excitement that somebody special will soon be joining you.

2. Visit to Work

Make sure to remember that a business visa can only be granted by the US employer. You will not receive the compensation you would receive from Saudi hosts. If they feel this is a problem, ensure that their application for visiting worker permission has been submitted. But keep in mind that the application is still processed via the same procedures as other applications so you can expect some slight changes when dealing with Embassy staff.

3. Government Visa

The third most popular and easiest visa to work with is a government-sponsored program. The type of permit is gained through a visit to Saudi Arabian government institutions and their personnel at the Embassy for the application process. The only thing is that less documents will be required from the applicant when applying for this type of. The approval typically comes within a few days and it’s free.

4. Family Visit Visa

It can be difficult to acquire family visas because it requires documents that prove your relationship with the individual. For visiting grandparents it is necessary to have marriage certificates or birth certificates. However, it’s crucial to establish a bond between the client and you.

5. Visa for Residence

The Residence Visa is intended for those wishing to relocate or reside in KSA. This kind of immigration document only comes from the Ministry of Interior and it’s associated directly with your Iqama card, meaning you’ll need an employment-based permit too. You’ll get an invitation with a yellow color. However, don’t hold off for too long to find out what they’ve got to say. There are some essential details you must not forget about.

6. Work Visa

Saudi Arabia has a difficult process to obtain a working visa. The most difficult visa needs that you are hired by the employer you work for and be eligible for benefits. This can only be done in the event that the company provides direct hiring. People have to go through several recruiting companies before being selected for employment with a company.

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