Why It’s So Hard To Translate Love

People are usually eager to hear those three little words: I love you. This may apply to everyone except for Spanish translators. In English, there’s a huge gap from “I like you” to “I love you”. In the process, you might hear “I care about you”, “I like you a lot”, “You’re important to me” and a bunch of other phrases that mean more than like but a lot less than love.

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Project Glass: Should Interpreters Be Afraid?


Over the years, many have questioned whether machines will ever beat out ordinary humans in certain categories. We have applications, smart phones and iPads that allow humans to do things quicker and easier. But can a machine ever leave interpreters or translators out of their jobs? There are different types of translation software available, some that are even known for their “high accuracy”.

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Go Abroad, Live a Little

Like I said before, JUST by living abroad for a semester doesn’t mean that you can interpret or translate, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help you in the long run.

At UEES, you can go abroad for a semester or a year to many parts of the world. You can pick among many locations, such as Mexico, United States, Canada, Australia, Korea, France, Japan, and others.

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