How I Travel as a Translator With a Chronic Illness

I had never heard of Myasthenia Gravis until my friend, Maria Fernanda, was diagnosed with this chronic illness in 2013. We met in 2008 while we both worked towards obtaining degrees in translation and interpretation. We bonded as translation geeks over weekly happy hour sessions, through discussions about our terrible love lives, our mutual love of dogs and trips to the beach. As our lives began to lead us in different paths (I haven’t physically seen her since she said goodbye to me at an airport in 2012), we are still connected through WhatsApp and as traveling translators.

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Project Glass: Should Interpreters Be Afraid?


Over the years, many have questioned whether machines will ever beat out ordinary humans in certain categories. We have applications, smart phones and iPads that allow humans to do things quicker and easier. But can a machine ever leave interpreters or translators out of their jobs? There are different types of translation software available, some that are even known for their “high accuracy”.

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Not Quite “Write” Wednesday

Mistranslations, misspellings, grammatical errors, or just plain wrong! We’ve all seen them, we’ve all laughed at them, and some of us have even made them.

It’s amazing how many companies all over the world can’t seem to avoid making silly mistakes. This is what happens when you rely on anything but a real translator/interpreter. Just yesterday I was eating at a local mall, when I came upon the following Burger King ad. Spell check, anyone?

Oh, so very chessy!