Why You Will No Longer Be Able to Afford a Visit to 17 U.S. National Parks

I have no idea what you’re talking about. What’s going on?

In October 2017, The National Park Service proposed a fee increase for 17 national parks in 2018. The parks are the following:

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How I Travel as a Translator With a Chronic Illness

I had never heard of Myasthenia Gravis until my friend, Maria Fernanda, was diagnosed with this chronic illness in 2013. We met in 2008 while we both worked towards obtaining degrees in translation and interpretation. We bonded as translation geeks over weekly happy hour sessions, through discussions about our terrible love lives, our mutual love of dogs and trips to the beach. As our lives began to lead us in different paths (I haven’t physically seen her since she said goodbye to me at an airport in 2012), we are still connected through WhatsApp and as traveling translators.

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The Top 10 Things to Do in Acadia National Park

Did you know that the United States has more than fifty national parks? Heck, I didn’t know either until I googled last week. Since I live in the United States, I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know this, even more embarrassed when I found out through that same google search that I had already visited my first national park some years ago: The Everglades in Florida. I had ignorantly thought that the trip I took to Maine a couple of weeks ago would be my first trip to a national park. At the end, I still feel like Acadia National Park was my first real dose of what our parks have to offer, and I now want to visit all of them before I die. You have to start somewhere, right? Two down, fifty-seven more to go! I hope you enjoy this post about the top 10 things you should do when you visit Acadia National Park in Maine.

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Down Memory Lane in Washington D.C.

Like Murphy’s Law would have it, it’s whenever you decide to go to an island that a hurricane swings through it. And just like that, I arrived in Washington D.C. on a weekend when it was warmer in Alaska than in half of the continental US. But two pairs of pants, snow boots and layers upon layers allowed me to enjoy this trip.

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